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Gemutlich is a service provider with an interest in the supply of catering equipment to users. We offer equipment which covers a diverse arrangement of catering needs.

Our Services

Our services include the following:

Commercial kitchen in restaurant


The design of your commercial kitchen is the first impression that clients will have of you. It is the point of contact that creates a memory they won’t forget. This is why we at Gemutlich are on hand to design your kitchen for you. We offer a dynamic range of services that are linked to the aesthetics of your kitchen. These services will contribute to the overall appeal of your kitchen.

Catering Equipment

Catering might be about preparing food, but it also takes a great deal of specialised equipment. In our stock at Gemutlich is a diverse range of catering equipment that you will need. We have utensils for every kind of event you may be handling and other stuff you will need for your kitchen.

Commercial Dishwashers

You cannot underestimate the importance of clean, unspoiled plates in a commercial kitchen. Having clean plates can make or break a business in that it will determine how speedily you can attend to a customer. It is also the factor that will influence the health inspector's assessment of your business. Conscious of this need, Gemutlich provides the answer to all your kitchenware cleaning needs.


Refrigeration is central to the running of your commercial catering business. It helps you to keep food inside storage for a long time and is also a way of enhancing service delivery to your customers. The right kind of refrigerator can optimise your business’s quality just as well as the wrong one can turn things around. At Gemutlich, what we offer are the right ones that you need.

Set of various frozen products

Gas Cooking

Gas cooking offers you the ability to cook food faster and save the time you would otherwise spend doing it. This is what we offer at Gemutlich. Our gas cookers are industry-leading and allow you to enjoy best-in-class technology. We offer only high-quality options that will ensure you get money for your investment.

Gas cooking stove at home
Baking Tomatoes with Herbs and Garlic in Oven


Setting up your commercial catering business will necessarily involve an investment in the full suite of equipment you need. In this wise, ovens are the appliances required for heating and baking edibles. At Gemutlich, we offer an interesting selection of ovens where you can make the genius choice that your kitchen needs. 


The kind of furniture you use in your foodservice establishment can influence the way customers relate or react to the business. There is a need to be conscious of the most basic things as they tend to have larger impacts. This part is where we at Gemutlich come in. We offer high-quality furniture designs as wells as design specialists who are capable of putting things in order.


The cost of getting your preferred kitchen equipment is sometimes burdensome. However, this should not stop you from accessing the best equipment there is. All you need to do is seek finance. This is a financial arrangement that will allow you to access the equipment and make the repayment in instalments.

Location - We are in Australia.