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About Us

Getting to Know Us
Gemutlich is a service provider with an interest in the supply of catering equipment to users. We offer equipment which covers a diverse arrangement of catering needs. We also have a team of designers who are on hand to provide optimal services to aid business growth. Believing that we can develop a lot more in the hospitality industry, we constantly commit ourselves to new innovative designs.
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What We Do
We provide commercial caterers with an array of tools that they need. It has always been about ensuring that there is easy access to the right kind of equipment. This involves prowling the market for fresh, innovative designs that you can adapt to different business environments. It is also why customers can always access different needs and new opportunities for their business by patronising us. Among other things, we also research new additions that we can make for any catering establishment. We co-opt information from different spaces, regardless of where, and use this to project a more defined and more nuanced service offering.
Our Mission
Our primary mission is fulfilment. Fulfilment is central to securing any catering interests that a client may have. It can also be achieved when the client can deliver on each assignment that is obtained. As such, our stock is targeted at giving clients the best experience that they can get. This, we believe we can achieve by making it easier to utilise various bits of equipment. With a comprehensive analysis of the integral parts of commercial kitchen design, caterers can derive more value from their business. Australian kitchens truly need all the help they can get.
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Our Values
At Gemutlich, innovation, and creativity is the high point of everything we do. It is as such the foremost personal quality that we always seek in our engagements. The same streak has enabled us to pool the best designers and catering professionals from across various spheres. This ingenuity has spurred us towards a relentless drive to grow and reflects itself in various catering businesses’ developments.
Our Team
Gemutlich has a unique team of designers, creators, hospitality industry specialists, and goal-getters. Our designers help to optimise customer service by giving you fresh insights to take your business to the next level. They are capable of using diverse technological equipment and inborn creativity to capture our clients’ desires. Our industry specialists are always in hand to give you current, up-to-date information on the latest trends in the industry. They are adept and are also the people we rely on to adapt to a changing landscape. These people are at the forefront of what we do, and you can be assured that whatever opinions you get are based on expert analysis. In all, go-getting in itself is a shared motto at Gemutlich. Each individual understands the position of importance that he occupies in helping you achieve your targets. It is also what propels the teamwork that has helped us reach this length.
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