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Catering Equipment

Equipment for Your Every Need

Catering might be about preparing food, but it also takes a great deal of specialised equipment. In our stock at Gemutlich is a diverse range of catering equipment that you will need. We have utensils for every kind of event you may be handling and other stuff you will need for your kitchen.

These include buffets, weddings, small workplace dinners, birthdays, etcetera. You will find small options as well as larger kitchen equipment that fits your requirements. Prices have equally been tailored not to impose on you, and you will also discover that they are set within a competitive range.

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Classifications of Our Various Equipment

These are the big companions you will always have in your commercial kitchen. They are the clumsy variant that is hard to move around and will often take up space. You will find your work tables, washbasins or sinks, microwave ovens, dryers, and refrigerators in this category. Their size also means that they are the ones you will use for the more intense cooking you will do.

These are essentially the little occupants of your kitchen. Though small as they are, they are the very important ones that also tend to be forgotten easily. They are the various knives, spoons, and other utensils you will be using.

Equipment in this class is operated by electricity. They need to be connected to a power source for top functionality. Mechanical pieces include blenders, slicers, electric kettles, etcetera.

A further classification of the equipment is one that groups them according to their functions. You will use such terms as baking tools, measuring tools, mixing tools, and cutting tools in this category.

Baking tools are those you use in making pastry and carry out baking in general. They are also used in frying and turning omelette, fish, spatulas, and other things. Measuring tools help to gauge the number of liquids or ingredients you are putting into something. With their glassy designs and markings, they help you to cook with the right kind of accuracy. 

Within our stock, you will find every category and class of equipment which you may desire. As each one is central to serving different purposes, we make our mix as diverse as possible.

Getting the Best Out of Your Catering Equipment
The purpose of getting any piece of equipment is to get things done and deliver to clients. Even with top-quality kitchenware, you will not have gotten much value if it does not serve a long-term need. As such, we give you a few tips on how to maximise your pieces with particular attention to organisation and planning. The first thing would be to assess the kind of job that you are going for. An assessment would help you draw a list of everything you will need and how to move them accordingly. Once a list has been made, you must go over each item. Forgetting pieces of equipment can be awkward for any caterer on the job. Generally, therefore, getting the best value from your equipment involves an ability to manage each one and use it when required.
Cleanliness is important in the professional kitchen