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The Right Oven for Your Kitchen

Setting up your commercial catering business will necessarily involve an investment in the full suite of equipment you need. In this wise, ovens are the appliances required for heating and baking edibles. At Gemutlich, we offer an interesting selection of ovens where you can make the genius choice that your kitchen needs. 

We also provide you with the information you require in choosing what is best.

Baker dividing dough in sections for baking by a large commercial oven.
53230,Pizza Oven
Size of the Oven

The oven’s size depends on the cooking you will use it for. Either for home purposes or commercial enterprises, you need to pick something that will adapt to work levels. There are single ovens that can be used for just a couple of people, and there are double versions that are suitable for family uses and entertainment. A feature you should look for in double ovens is that some tend to come with a smaller second. You could therefore be better off settling for a single unit that is way larger.

Durability and Features

Normally, your oven should last for a good decade. But you cannot tell that by looking at it. You are certain to find top quality and durable ovens with experts on hand to give you extra details in our stock. You can also check around for the top-rated ovens by experts for an even higher level of confidence. This should help strengthen your final decision.

Commercial Kitchen
Chef checking temperature of bread in commercial kitchen

Be it a commercial catering business or a household kitchen; a budget will always come into play when buying an oven. There are different prices for different wares too. As saving costs is necessary, Gemutlich can help you get one that matches your budget perfectly without compromising the quality you obtain. 

Gas or Electric Oven

Primarily, this choice will depend on the kind of energy you use at home or in your commercial kitchen. In busy households, electric ovens are quite popular for the speed and convenience that they offer.

Gas ovens, on the other hand, are more dynamic and have an array of tools. It is considerate of the kind of meal you want to cook. In the baking world, bakers are known to go for gas ovens because of the blended nature that they give their meals.

Professional stainless steel kitchen.
Woman choosing electric oven in electronics store

Another factor you might want to consider in an oven is how much it will siphon for maintenance. If your business is working on a tight budget, it would be nice to go for something that doesn’t impose much. Ovens generally require little by way of maintenance, though.


Oven models are now able to combine different roles at the same time. Your catering business will surely rely on time, so you might also look at an oven that can grill, cook, defrost and bake, either two at a time or all.

Part of interior of modern restaurant kitchen including electric stove and oven
Pizza Making Oven

Ovens today can do a lot with the many controls that they have. Auto functioning can even include an option that allows you to lock the oven against children. If you have kids in the house or need or have a culinary menu that spreads across different kinds of food, you should consider this bit.