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Getting Refrigerators
Refrigeration is central to the running of your commercial catering business. It helps you to keep food inside storage for a long time and is also a way of enhancing service delivery to your customers. The right kind of refrigerator can optimise your business’s quality just as well as the wrong one can turn things around. At Gemutlich, what we offer are the right ones that you need.
chef with clipboard doing inventory at kitchen
chef with clipboard doing inventory at kitchen
Refrigerators In Stock

These are the kind you use if what you need to store are in huge quantities and great sizes. Walk-in coolers are ideal storage partners for sizeable amounts of perishables. They can be installed in indoor or outdoor spaces.

You should not open walk-in refrigerators multiple times to avoid causing fluctuations in temperatures. They come in custom and prefabricated units. The size of your budget and the environment you will use them in will determine the type you choose.

Undercounter refrigerators are suitable for use in small environments. In turn, what this means is that they offer a smaller variety of storage space. Undercounters come with drawers or swing doors.

If what you need them for is customer-based, we suggest that you get a design with glass doors so that customers walking by will see what is inside. You will find an under-counter refrigerator in hotel rooms and doctors’ offices. They are also an adequate choice when you need to store beverages, snacks, and water and chocolate items.

These are the most popular kinds of refrigerators for raw meats, ready-made meals, and other perishable goods. They are the kind that is important to running efficient foodservice businesses.

Getting a reach-in refrigerator will be determined by the available space you can afford and the capacity level you will utilise them for. There are one-section reach-ins that are the smallest sized in terms of storage. We also have the two and three-section reach-ins, which offer a higher storage capacity.

If you don’t have enough space, we advise that you select more than a single one-section unit. This dual or triple arrangement will also form an adequate backup if one fridge fails. Equally, you should consider a larger unit if you have a lot of business traffic and are worried about space. 


Your refrigerator will necessarily be a product of your business interests. This is why we have brought dynamism to the floor. As the size and capacity are big influences of commercial fridge choices, you are sure always to find a product that adapts to these demands.

Either you are pressed for space, or you have a lot of it, you will find something that will fit. Equally, if you wonder whether you should go for stand-alone or built-in commercial fridges, the stock will cover you. Should you be puzzled, you will also not need to worry for long. Our service involves giving you objective advice on the best choice to make. You can consult with us to find the best product.

Also, to maximise energy and keep the bills low, you might be in search of a fridge along that line. Here again, you don’t need to worry; we have you covered.

chef with clipboard doing inventory at kitchen